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Never Never Plant
Never Never Plant

Never Never Plant

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Part of the Marantaceae family of plants, the Ctenanthe puts on a display of opening and closing its leaves for night and day. While developing, they can require close attention to learn the best indoor position and watering schedule, but once mature they are much less demanding and grow strong and relatively fast. This plant is desirably attractive for its lush green top surface foliage and moody purple underside.

Botanical name
Ctenanthe setosa

Care requirements

Light needs
Shade and filtered light are ideal, ensuring bright indirect light is provided.

Water care
Won’t cope with drying out. Ensure you water before the topsoil feels completely dry. Prefers more humid conditions and appreciates a little misting in warmer months.

Pet friendliness
Not toxic, but can sometimes cause allergic reaction in pets.