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Cowboy Cactus
Cowboy Cactus

Cowboy Cactus

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Cacti and succulents are always a great option for those of us who wouldn’t mind a few plants in the collection that will ‘look after themselves’ while we focus on the high maintenance plants. This cowboy stands tall with independence. You can count on him. Requiring little water, especially through autumn to spring, position your cactus in a bright sunny spot in your home for a gorgeous decorative statue-like style.

Botanical name
Euphorbia eritrea

Care requirements

Light needs
Bright light, direct sunlight preferable.

Water care
Allow the soil to completely dry before watering. Periods of neglect are tolerated well. Avoid humidity.

Pet friendliness
Toxic to pets, if they attempt to eat it.

Helpful hint
Look for a pot or planter that's at least 270mm wide to dress up your 240mm cactus.