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Wave Cactus
Wave Cactus

Wave Cactus

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Also known by the names of Ric Rac, Zigzag and Fishbone Cactus, this crazy lookin’ plant originates from Mexico. Would you believe, it’s not your typical sand and heat loving cactus? It’s actually from a rainforest and loves to grow on other large plants and trees (a.k.a an epiphyte). This info helps us to choose the best soil to pot one up. Go for something well-draining with a little bit of bark in it.

Botanical name
Epiphyllum anguliger

Care requirements

Light needs
Bright, away from direct sunlight.

Water care
Low maintenance.
Summer – keep the soil moist
Winter – Allow soil to dry before watering again.
Tolerates neglect.

Pet friendliness
Non-toxic to pets, however there are very fine spikes along the leggy fronds. Most pets will naturally avoid these plant.