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Night Blooming Cactus
Night Blooming Cactus

Night Blooming Cactus

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This cute fluffy looking cactus not only looks impressive, it also has impressive ambitions. When it matures it bears the gorgeous fruit we know as dragon fruit. It really wants to climb. As it grows larger, re-pot into a larger growers’ pot and add a totem to help give it some support. Whatever you do, treat it like a cactus. Give it lots of sunlight and only water when its completely dry.

Botanical name
Hylocereus undatus 

Care requirements

Light needs
Bright sunlight is needed to help this plant thrive. It prefers warmer positions, so don’t put it right next to a window. The cold glass at night time will create too-cold conditions for a happy house plant.

Water care
Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Like any cactus, it prefers drier, free draining (gritty) soil.

Pet friendliness
It won’t harm your pets, even if they do have a go at biting the spikey fronds.