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Lady Palm
Lady Palm

Lady Palm

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This showy palm is very happy existing in a container as a houseplant and can be described as hard to kill. It’s very slow growing, so if you have a space at home you’d like to fill out with a plant, make sure you buy the size you need now rather than hoping it will grow larger soon. It’s dark green strappy foliage looks beautiful amongst a collection of broad-leaved house plants, or a star all by itself.

Botanical name
Rhapis excelsa

Care requirements

Light needs
Prefers shade, move away from direct sunlight to prevent browning and dryness. Brighter daylight will encourage more growth than darker positions.

Water care
Allow the topsoil to dry out before watering in the winter months, then more frequently in summer months, so as to prevent soil from completely drying out.

Pet friendliness
Safe around pets