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Birds Nest Fern
Birds Nest Fern

Birds Nest Fern

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The Bird’s Nest Fern has a few different attractive varieties to choose from. This one in particular has interesting ruffles at the end of each frond which adds a bit of fun texture sprouting up from your plant collection. The ferns are so called bird’s nests due to their shape with leafy fronds grow out from the centre creating a well in the middle. As a fern, it will prefer warm, damp shady conditions that reference a forest undergrowth, but in the home you can keep it alive and happy without any drama as long as it’s positioned away from hot windows or heaters.

Botanical name
Asplenium antiquum 'Leslie'

Care requirements

Light needs
Low light tolerant, but bright indirect light is best. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid crispy fronds.

Water care
Prefers soil to be kept slightly damp but not wet. Water thoroughly in free draining soil, and re-water when almost dry. Enjoys warmer, more humid environments.

Pet friendliness
Non-toxic to pets